Thursday, April 14, 2011

Think like a Fish.

   Most customers are like goldfish!  A recent statistic by the B.B.C. says that the attention span of the average person is nine seconds.  NINE SECONDS!  This is roughly the same attention span as the common goldfish. That really surprised me.  Hello?  Are you still there?   Anybody still reading?  Hello?

   Now to make sense of this statistic, let me suggest that most customers are like most people.  Put into business speak, this means you have roughly nine seconds to reach most people with your advertising.  One group that must be hard to reach is bullriders at the rodeo.  Their work is finished in eight seconds or less.  However, I digress.  Printing really shines when you think of how effective it is reaching people, and causing them to splurge a bit and spend a full ten seconds on your ad piece. 

   Now, to reach a persons mind it is necessary to think like a fish.   Having never been a fish makes this a challenge, but give it a try.   My thoughts go something like this...Food,Food,Food,HERON,food,food.  If this thought process is close, here is what we learn.

1.--Give them something they like.
2.--Give them something useful.
3.--Give them something new.
4.--Give them a way to avoid a problem.
5.--Give them something needed.
6.--Give them something to help them grow.

   Notice I stopped at six since most people only pay attention for nine seconds!   Number seven would be 'keep it short', and number eight would be 'keep it simple'.  Now for my last point....I wish I could remember it.

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