Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Doldrums ?

   Have you got the summer blah's?  It seems like most summers gradually slow down to a lazy, lethargic, blah time as it comes to an end.  Then we get that..."yikes, it's nearly winter" blast of energizing energy.  Most children have returned to school now, and are busy learning how to do all the important  stuff.  

   The rest of us, poor, tired, and in my case, overworked, people need to quietly sit back and plan ways to look busy for the rest of this summer.  Before proceeding you may wish to take a look at this web page.  If you think I was aimlessly browsing the web today looking for ways to make your life easier... you were right.  I was.  That is yet one more service we provide here at the 'ol print shop.   Some people think that all we do is print.   Ha-ha-ha.  Wrong again!  If that was all we did, we would be no different than our competitors!  We do things a bit differently around here.  Does it take longer?...of course.  Is it slower?...some times.  Does it cost more? might be surprised.  It is usually cheaper to get it done right the first time!  We wouldn't be the oldest printer in Du Page county if something wasn't being done right.  We like to add our personal touch to each job.

  So don't just sit there doing nothing.  Get busy.  Summer is running out!  Look through your printed supplies and see what needs printed, and if any changes need to be done.  Let us help by giving your work a  clean look  We can usually see things that you may have missed due to our sharp eyes.  Together, we can produce something worth printing.

   Enjoy what is left of summer!