Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old Dog Shocked !

Every once and awhile, something so odd comes along, that even an old dog like me gets shocked.  The Boss was away a few days ago, and I was very bored and trying to look busy. I decided to Google the word 'paper' and see what was new. I came across This website that shows what is possible to do with paper.  When you get the time click - and - be -shocked.  After spending the last thirty-two years playing with paper, and bending it to my iron will, I now can see just how much I have been missing.

If you have a bright idea to try something with paper, you can always ask your friendly printer for some sample sheets to play with.  The shop where I work is based on sooooo much more than just dollars and cents.  We try to work along with our customers as a part of a much bigger team.  Our shop is like a detached little printing department for our customers.  We provide much more than printing.  Blah,blah,blah.  That all sounded like a sales pitch did'nt it?  Well, it was'nt.  We "lost" a job yesterday with a newer customer who decided to save around $100 dollars by going to a cheaper printer.  This was on a $2500 dollar order.  I would have gladly cut our price to match the low bid...BUT...sometimes the customer has to learn the hard way that saving money can be expensive.  A low ball quote can be like a bit like a fancy owl made from strips of paper...nice to look at, and enjoy, but it will usually not last to long.  Here is the little gem you have been waiting for...beware the low bid!

Ok folks, that's all for now.  This 'ol dog is going back to plop down on the porch and wait for an educated customer to come along.