Monday, April 11, 2011

Paper is like people

Have you ever cut out snowflake patterns on paper?  If you are guilty of this very common crafts, what you experienced was enjoying the feel of paper!  All the electronic gadgets and gizmos in this world are unable to match the feel of paper, or the challenge of doing something creative using feeling, your brain, your eyes,hands,and even your feet.
     It is true that you can fold paper with your feet.  At work sometimes I am running the folding machine and encounter a problem.  I then use the old tried and true method of stamping my feet on the ground and muttering under my breath.   Each brand has certain charcteristics that vary quite a bit from one to another.  Some fold like a charm, some don't.  Some hold ink better than others.   Some dry fast without curl, some take forever to dry.  In this way, paper is alot like people.  We are all differant with some good points and some, shall we say, not so good points. 

     Some paper is thicker than others.  There are three primary ways that paper weight, or thickness, is measured.  Due to this silly way of measure, you can buy 110# index paper that is just over half the thickness of 100#cover stock.   Unless you are very bored you really don't need to know about these though.  Let your printer worry about it instead. 

    Quite like paper, some printers are thicker than others.  Don't settle for a bad printer, as there are thousands around.  Keep looking till you find one who matches service with ability.  Printing is a rapidly changing business right now, so watch for a printer who is still learning and growing.  We had three competitors go out of business last week alone.  I feel very sorry for them, and hope to keep improving my skills and to communicate that print is still alive and well.  As Mark Twain said, "the report of my death has been greatly exagerated".  Printing will always be around.  You can read a magazine on the beach, in the tub, or...(send me a comment on where you like to read),  you can comment anonymously!!!

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