Monday, April 4, 2011

How to wink at cuties!

   Greetings all--long time no post!  Ha-ha, yes I have been busy...Now to the goodies...

  Some great brain once said, (I don't remember if it was Napolean or Confucius, or even someone else), they said..."Not advertising your business is like winking at a cute girl in a dark know what you are doing, but no one else does".  This fired up my brain at once.  According to many new studies, one of the most effective methods of reaching people, even in dark rooms, is to advertise using print. 

  There is something very real about a printed piece as contrasted with an electronic screen.  Alot of our customers have tried publishing newsletters online instead of a mailed piece.  They will find out fairly soon that most people do not read every page online, or even "see it" without reading it.  A printed copy allows a sneaky way of registering in a persons mind whether they actually read it or not.  Wink,wink.

  When you flip through your mail (as said in prevous posts) you record things seen in your mind that may trigger a desire to read more.  Have you ever heard someone say..."oh yeah, I saw something about that!  It is coming up this next week, or on sale or something".  This means that the ad piece was noted but possibly not read.

  It is said that an Elephant never forgets.  I think that the human brain is much the same.  The trick seems to be remembering something at the right time!  Computers have started us all along a path that requires less memory and the ability to fill that space with trivial knowledge.  You may not know your friends phone number, because your phone remembers for you.  But can your phone wink for you?  When you think of advertising, remember this 67% of online action is driven by offline ad pieces.  That my friends is nothing to wink at!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you are onto something. How about starting a social service called "winky" or "Hi cutie"! Well, think about it, someone started a service called Twitter where you "tweet" like birds. this would be better.
Bye, BillyWilly