Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Tree.

   Ok, It's Arbor day in good 'ol U.S.A.  This is a day we celebrate the humble tree.  Never mind the Royal wedding going on across the pond, this is important!  

   Some boring scientists like to ramble on about how trees can lift 100 gallons of water a day into the leaves, or how they clean the air we breathe, but I would like to just simply say...lets celebrate their beauty.

   I would have a hard time choosing a favorite type of tree from the more than 23,000 kinds that there are.  Some times one tree just fits a certain scene or place.  There are even some dead trees that are "pretty".
Now I know you are quietly scooting up to the edge of your chair, wondering how this all relates to printing, so grab onto the we go.

  Sometimes all it takes to change a printed piece from "nice" to "wow" is a differant paper.  I can assure you that there are more kinds of paper made than any one person can know.  At our business we have six file cabinets full of swatch books each containing many, many kinds , colors, and textures of paper.  Yes it is true that most fancy papers do cost more and give some printers a headache trying to buy them...but to get the most "Oooohhs and Ahhhhs" for your printed piece, it is worth checking out some out of the ordinary sheets.  As a printer I know getting certain papers can be a royal pain, but it sure can be worth it!

  It would be nice to keep going along this conversation, but I want to get back to the Royal wedding!

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