Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paperless world?

     Can you imagine a world without paper?   We use it so often we don't even notice it much.
 When we are born the hospital hands our parents a sheet of paper saying we are born.   Then our little feet are smeared with ink and stamped on our Apple Tablet, oops, stamped on a piece of paper.  Right?

    Then we go off to school for twelve years to earn 1 sheet of paper which we store in a padded frame.   After that we march off to a very expensive school to work like a squirrel to get another piece of paper.   Once we earn that one, we can print up a very fancy set of papers that we hope will get us a job.   Once we start work we slave away the best years of our life to earn one more piece of paper per week.   This is the best sheet of all...we can take it to a bank and trade it for a nice stack of paper we can use to buy more things.   If we meet the person of our dreams, we can both sign a piece of paper and enjoy married life together.   Life goes on and eventually our family is given one last piece of paper.

     So you see paper is a very important part of our life.   Yes, some of this is all "electric" now, but it will never feel the same or even be the same as a real piece of paper!

     I have not said anything about what we reach for when we sneeze, or dab our eyes with while watching a chick flic!   There is also one more paper we use that modesty prevents me from typing...But just think, what would life be without paper.

A special thanks to my crowd of loyal followers...both of 'ya!

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Anonymous said...

huh, yeah i guess i never noticed how much i use paper!! and...well, yes, MISUSE paper by wasting it. :P