Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here goes...Paper knowledge you need to know.

Hi everyone,

As this is post number one I thought I'd toss out a few things about paper that you may have been wondering about. My goal is to post goodies like this once a week, so if this is interesting, or you are really bored, please come back again.

Paper was invented in China way back in the year 105 A.D.

I believe it was invented so they could stick something into those fortune cookies!

You may be staying awake nights wondering how much "-----" can be made from one tree.
Here is a list of some facts I found that help me sleep like a baby.

From one cord of wood (approx. one tree) the following can be made...

12 dining room table sets (seating for 8)
30 rocking chairs
250 copies of the New York Times newspaper (Sunday edition)
942 one pound books
1 to 2000 lbs of paper depending on grade
1200 National Geographic Magazines
2700 36 page daily newspapers.


Gary Kjellberg said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

Whatever is a cord of wood? I thought cords were only used in music.
Also, what kind of paper would take a cord of wood to make 1 pound?
Your faithful follower,
Billy Sid

Anonymous said...

Where are those great ideas to save me money on printing? Just in case I need some in the next couple of years.