Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elephant poop, Wheat, or Bamboo?

Have you seen the new Elephant Poop paper yet?   It weighs about twenty pounds a page!   Just kidding.   There is a team of people in India that are making paper from yesterdays hay.   Just click here if you don't believe me!

The recycling program in the United States is getting behind.

Since your average elephant drops about 500 pounds a day of what we will call, paper starter, you can see that this paper is 100% recycled and sustainable.

If, however, you don't live near the zoo or a circus, you may wish to look into making paper from wheat.   Way up north in Canada they are producing paper made largely from wheat straw that is left over from growing wheat.   Currently almost all of this "waste" is either plowed under or burned.   I think we will be seeing more of this product as it seems a "win-win" situation.   Just your newspaper in the morning and then sprinkle sugar on it and eat it on your way to work.

I know, I know, this is all exciting and you are nearing your limits of paper thrills, but just one more item needs to be talked about.   Ah, you guessed it (must have read the title line) Bamboo paper.

Paper has been made from bamboo for a long time in Asia.   There are concerns about making paper from bamboo and I suggest you look at this personal account of a tour of a bamboo paper mill in China.  It is an interesting viewpoint. 

Needless to say, you can make paper from almost anything.   The real skill is in making something with that paper.  When you look at these crazy papers and actually feel them you will see just how much people love paper.   Paper is here to stay.  When an ad piece or business card etc is printed, keep in mind the importance of the paper used.   It adds another layer or element to the whole communication process in a sometimes very subtle way. 
  Just think...if you printed your business card on elephant poo, you would really be making a statement when you leave your calling card behind!


BillyWilly said...

Excellent article this time. Poo Paper is very interesting stuff. There are all kinds of interesting pads, journals, etc. made from it, but it is not very smooth -- I doubt pictures would print very well on it, but it makes great greeting cards. Don't tell Hallmark or all the elephants in all the zoos will be just sitting there, I mean standing there with the "runs"!

Klaire said...

haha LOL i actually bought some "poo poo paper" the othe's really cool and thankfully doesn't smell!!! LOL

J.C. said...

hee hee i like the part about "sprinkling sugar on your newspaper!" that MIGHT taste yummy but i'm not sure! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought poo poo paper was bumpy

Anonymous said...

can you eat poo paper?